August 1, 2014

The Cowgirls have been posting a series of facts every Friday in their new segment CowgirlFactFriday’s on the teams Twitter and Facebook page. Check out the past week’s facts here and learn more about the Cowgirl Basketball Team each week! Did you know that Head Coach Joe Legerski has increased fan attendance by 238% over his 11 year tenure as Head Coach? We will continue posting more facts on our Twitter and Facebook page so keep checking back!

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July 11, 2014

Outside the Huddle is back, the blog written by the Cowgirls. This blog gives a glimpse into the lives of a Cowgirl Basketball player. This week we feature returning Freshman Hailey Ligocki. Hailey is another of our Wyoming natives, hailing from Sheridan Wyoming. Check out her blog post about her Freshman year as a Wyoming Cowgirl Basketball player below!

Hello Fans!
I’m Hailey Ligocki from Sheridan, Wyoming and I’m going to be a sophomore for the Wyoming Cowgirls. As I prepare for my second year as a Cowgirl, I look back on my freshman year as a learning experience. Often times when people ask me how my first year went, that is exactly what I tell them—“it was a learning experience for sure!” It took time to get used to everything, from the basketball to the schoolwork, to being away from family and friends. Probably the hardest part of the whole thing was accepting the fact that I held the role of a freshman and did not play often. I’ve never had to experience “riding pine,” as we jokingly call it, but throughout this struggle my family continually reminded I that perhaps God is teaching me something. In the end, I think God was giving me a reality check, and a reminder that I always have to work hard for what I want; I cannot just rely on natural ability throughout life. That lesson also applied to my academic studies. Balancing schoolwork with basketball, and simply learning how to study successfully was a big part of freshman year. In the end I figured it all out, and I performed well enough in the classroom to satisfy my parents, so I think I did alright!
While I went through many “learning experiences” and struggled with some of the adjustments during my freshman year, I also had many great times. I met so many new, fun people—and I even learned to love a former Gillette rival, Jordan Kelley! While in high school I considered players from other towns “enemies,” I learned in college that they are the ones who become some of the people who are most fun to hang out with! One of my great friends, Jazz Davis, I met through basketball, and have learned from her some of the culture found in New Zealand! We have great fun together, and I’ve enjoyed being around these girls, and others throughout the year. The experiences that we get in basketball are some that many do not get, and I’m thankful for the fact that I get to wear a Cowgirl uniform! I remember the first time I ran on the court as a Cowgirl—I was so nervous I couldn’t feel my limbs (as many could probably tell because I could barely catch or throw a basketball.) Just knowing that I was a Cowgirl felt so surreal.
In the end, I learned a lot during freshman year, and while some aspects were tough, others were fun and enjoyable, and they made the struggles easier to get through. I thank God for His support throughout freshman year because my faith in Him was crucial, and I thank Him for giving me the wonderful family and friends who supported and loved me no matter what! I had fun as a freshman, and there are times I know I’ll look back on and yearn for in future years, but for now! I’m a sophomore, and am preparing for my second year at the University of Wyoming.

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June 17, 2014

The Cowgirl Basketball Blog, Outside the Huddle is back for the summer! The blog is written by your favorite Cowgirl Basketball players about their daily lives, activities, and what life is like at UW. This week, Jordan Kelley talks about her first year at UW, what it was like on the road and what she’s looking forward to next year! Enjoy,

Hi Cowgirl Fans!

I’m back to fill you in on what’s happening in my life these days. First of all, I finished up my first year here at UW. It went by so fast. As many of you know I had to redshirt this year so I am glad it is over. I learned a lot this season but I am so anxious to have the opportunity to actually get on the court.

Traveling was one of my favorite parts this year. Getting to see different places, and going to sunny California in the winter wasn’t half bad either :) Us girls made up a real life Hunger Games game that we would play on the road to stay entertained. We would make up different rules and when someone broke one you had to send in a death picture (simulated of course) to the team. Yes, we are a little weird but had a great time playing! Another way we spent our time was playing cards. I’m not sure what the exact name of the card game was but it was super addicting. Some of the girls would make fun of me due to the fact that I am the only one who has never won. It’s crazy I’ve probably played it 100+ times and never won. I keep playing because I am super competitive and it’s too fun to stop. The best trip was definitely the conference tournament in Las Vegas. I almost bit off all my fingernails during the semifinals game against CSU!

We got them this year!

I am currently living in my hometown of Gillette, Wyoming and I have been traveling around this month coaching a group of 8th graders. It’s been really fun, though sometimes I get a little too competitive :)

As for the rest of my summer I will be preparing to get on the court this season by lifting and shooting in the gym. I’ll probably squeeze in a little fun in the sun too. Summer is my favorite time of the year because of the warm weather. I literally cannot sit still when there are so many fun activities to do. Take me fishing in the mountains, boating on the lake, or maybe just a bike ride around town and I think we could be best friends!

I cannot wait to get back to Laramie to work and get ready to play. The new arena is going to be phenomenal. I cannot wait to experience that feeling of running down the tunnel out to all you fans. It is truly something special. Thank you for all the support and have a great rest of the summer!

Keep it cool :)

Yours truly,

Jordan Kelley

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May 23, 2014

The Cowgirls Coaching staff had a very busy morning touring the UW Gateway that is nearing the end of it’s construction. UW Foundation President Ben Blalock was kind enough to show off his architectural and technological marvel. Throughout every corner, wall, and office the Wyoming identity was present. This included the dominant Brown and Gold colors, structural Wyoming Sandstone, and even snowdrift fencing for a touch of whimsy. The UW Gateway will be a place to explore Wyoming’s history through interactive videos and vintage photographs. It will also become the place to gather before sporting events, celebrate wins, and bring together Wyoming supporters of all ages.

A huge thank you to Ben Blalock for taking the time to share his vision with us, as well as Haselden Construction for giving us the grand tour. We look forward to seeing and experiencing the finished product. Check out a few photos from the Cowgirl Coaches amazing tour!!

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May 13, 2014

The Cowgirls held their end of the year banquet at the Vee Bar Guest Ranch. It was a great time for the Cowgirls to gather together and celebrate the end of a great year. After some amazing food, the Cowgirls sat down and watched their season compilation highlight video. Check out photos from the banquet and the Cowgirls exclusive end of the season highlight video!